AFTER spending almost two years writing, saving up funds, and working in the studio,
singer/songwriter Jonas Park releases the first single ’Shaky’, from his upcoming
sophomore EP album.
Jonas Park is a 23 year-old NY native who currently resides in Southside, Brooklyn
where he’s been hustling to make a name for himself in the music industry. And like any
artist living in a large city, burnout is a reality he faced regularly.
After a period of struggling to maintain his momentum and composure, he found some
respite in sitting down at his keyboard and crafting a melody to the lines “I go looking
everyday…For something to take my breath away” This was the beginning of ‘Shaky’.
Several draft revisions later, he took it into the studio where it soon became obvious to
him that this would be a standout on the EP. “It started off as just a simple piano bed
and scratch vocal, but once the drums and bass were recorded, I was sort of blown
away with how quickly it felt like it was coming together.” Park says. “Listening to it now,
it’s a really sharp and visceral perspective on how I feel and think when I’m in those
dark places—so I guess that means it’s a good tune” he jokes.
Even though the song lives in a particular place, Jonas’ music is far from singular in
tone. “I’m really excited to surprise people! Even though each song on this project fits
together narratively, they all sound so different from each other. So no matter what
genre people may prefer, I feel like there will be something for everyone to empathize
with and enjoy.”


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