KAYAM is no stranger to creating music that defies the usual expectation, and
its most recent release, “Omens,” is a perfect example of what it means to set the bar higher in
terms of one-of-a-kind enthusiasm and innovation. This release happens to be the siblings’
sophomore full-length. The duo, which consists of siblings Kim and Mike Rauss, features a huge
range of creative influences, to the point that they affectionately refer to their wide-ranging
sound as “Falafel Pop,” not only a reference to the fusion of styles that defines their music, but
also a tribute to one of their favorite foods: chickpeas!
From the intimacy of folk to indie-pop, organic sounds, and alternative, the sound of the duo has
a lot to offer in terms of nuances and originality. The diverse sounds that animate the band’s
music are deeply interlinked with the pair’s diverse backgrounds in life. The siblings enjoyed a
multicultural upbringing, as they experienced life in places as diverse as England, Germany,
and Israel. All of these places and their different twists really inspired the band’s music and
ability to continually expand their soundscape in order to portray a vast range of personal
experiences and beyond. If you have the chance to witness a live performance from the duo,
you’ll certainly notice how KAYAM’s music is incredibly layered. Kim, who provides beautiful
vocals, also plays the Celtic Harp. This instrument brings a magical, almost otherworldly vibe to
the duo’s sound. Mike is a versatile performer who plays guitar and sings. In addition, he also
builds intricate fabrics of looped parts, often using his guitar as a percussive instrument and
even beatboxing from time to time!
The album features eleven songs, including the track “Omens” which is the album’s
groundbreaking lead single. KAYAM are always ready to embrace new creative challenges and

take their music to a more personal dimension, allowing their creativity and wide range of
influences to stand out. From the edge of alternative music down to the melodies of alt-pop, Kim
and Mike are always eager to splice up different influences into a cohesive and one-of-a-kind
KAYAM value the ability to approach music from a very eclectic point of view and a style that
could be described as a fusion of genres. This is exactly what the audience can experience on
the album’s lead single “Omens,” which is a truly amazing achievement from the duo. The song
offers a really interesting and pristine sound with some lush acoustic guitars, gentle harp and
soothing vocals, in the vein of artists such as Sufjan Stevens or Elliott Smith. “Mike’s Trip to the
Desert” has a different vibe, with a psychedelic touch and some dreamy soundscapes that make
the formula all the more haunting and mesmerizing. In addition, “Lately” brings back some of the
more intimate tones and some electronic experimentation to the mix. “Let’s go for a walk” adds
to the variety of the album with some articulate acoustic arpeggios and ambient tones, while
retaining the intimacy that makes the album so special. “11 Days” brings some field recordings
to the mix to add to the organic nature of the mix, offering a more spontaneous flow.
Each tune is an opportunity for the siblings to let their creative side shine and explore new ideas
and a funky / blues touch that makes it stand out. “A Dreamt Up Moment” brings back the lush
acoustic tones with an intricate layering of arpeggios and a truly stunning, cinematic
atmosphere. “Bloom” follows right after, giving the album yet another touch of organic sounds
and a distinctive rhythm using the guitar as a percussive instrument. “Atlas” lets the many vocal
layers through, and the result is a soothing, peaceful and almost spiritual atmosphere that
makes the sound very dream-like and otherworldly, along with the stunning stringed
instruments. “Personal Song,” is energetic and edgy yet extremely nuanced. This song stands
out as a great introduction to the pair’s concept, highlighting the siblings’ ability to consistently
spice things up with innovative sounds. Last but not least, “Kim’s Fairy Memory” is another
beautiful acoustic interlude with melancholic Harp arpeggios and a dreamy atmosphere.
This release is a great new beginning for KAYAM and an exciting chapter that makes this
release so special and one-of-a-kind, a perfect calling card for the artist.
Find out more about KAYAM and listen to “Omens.” This release is going to be available on all
digital music streaming services from February 16th, 2023.
KAYAM’s music is highly recommended to fans of artists such as Blanco White, Nick Mulvey,
Billie Marten, and Rhye. Their sound falls along the same lines, but it adds a distinctive
personality that makes it stand out. “Omens” is a perfect example of this, and it stands out as a
really great introduction to the sound of a duo with a focus on bringing an innovative twist to the
music. KAYAM is eager to let its creative side shine and defy the usual expectations and
constraints that make most artists fall into a comfort zone and into a creative rut. With KAYAM,
you can always expect a fresh, original sound with a unique flair and lots of layers.


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