The Itchyworms Combine Sounds Of The Past And Present In New Single “Panic In My Mind”

Filipino rock band, The Itchyworms have been delivering feel good, fun music since 1996. Recently celebrating their 25th anniversary, this multi-awarded, four-member group is proving that time isn’t slowing them down as they return with a new single, “Panic In My Mind,”available on all music streaming platforms; ahead of embarking on their first-ever U.S. tour.

The track encapsulates the never-ending thoughts of a fairy tale ending with that special someone. Incorporating a retro pop rock melody into a groovy bass line completes its upbeat and classic sound, while the accompaniment perfectly layers in lyrics that talk about pining over someone in a world where they are the anomaly.

“Panic In My Mind” follows the release of their holiday themed EP, “Christmas Starts When The Bers Begin,” released December 2022. The EP is the latest installment to the “ever-growing” concept of the album, expanding with new holiday tracks every year and is a meta subtitle to “The Evergrowing Xmas Album of the Itchyworms.” The previous EP explored Christmas and holiday songs set to upbeat rhythms and soulful tunes, this new single sees the members dive head-first into a nostalgic rock sound from the 50’s and 60’s. The song opens with a catchy drum beat and guitar riff guaranteed to pull their listeners in. With a name like ‘The Itchyworms’ it’s no surprise that their hooks are certified earworms that would make you itch for more. The chorus greets us with “There’s panic in my mind” and the listener is instantly transported into a set out of a 60’s dance show. With its catchy rhythms and enjoyably repetitive hook, you can almost see the band performing as flamboyantly dressed dancers galavant around the room. 

The Itchyworms are probably one of the busiest and most visible acts in the Philippine rock music scene today. Their success is no surprise, as their passion for music, and highly professional work ethic is evident in their craft. Their songs have consistently topped the local music charts and breached international markets due to its fresh yet familiar sounds. The band’s popularity has brought them to stages across the Philippines,  as well as Dubai and Singapore, with an eagerness to showcase their brand of Filipino music in other countries. Kicking off their U.S. tour in New York, American fans will have the opportunity to catch the group live for the first time in select market cities in California, Texas, Illinois, and Nevada. 

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