Premiere: Kane Kalas Delivers Heartfelt Release “I’ve Never Been in Love Before”

For those who may not be familiar, Kane Kalas is a musician on the rise. His latest single and video “I’ve Never Been in Love Before,” out today, is a beautiful take on the classic song by Chet Baker. The song showcases his skillful performing and musicianship.

Kalas’ vocals are strong and confident, and the song’s driving rhythm section provides a solid foundation for his instrumentation work. The heartfelt and catchy song features Kalas’ impressive falsetto vocals and a memorable chorus.

Kane Kalas is a classically trained crooner. His style evokes music’s Golden Age with a contemporary twist. Kalas is a mainstay at Citizens Bank Park, where it has become a tradition for him to sing the Star-Spangled Banner each season at the Philadelphia Phillies’ home opener and when they make the playoffs.

“I’ve Never Been in Love Before,” is a standout track, with a catchy melody that sticks in your head long after the song has ended. Kalas’ lyrics on this song are particularly strong, painting a vivid picture of a relationship.

Kane shares of the release:

“I’ve Never Been in Love Before” portrays the excitement and anticipation of budding love. Our musical cover and official music video capture the essence of Loesser’s perennial ballad but with an interpretation relatable in 2023.

Kalas’ passionate delivery makes the message of the song feel genuine and inspiring. Overall, the song is another strong piece from the artist that showcases his impressive work as a performer and musician. The arrangement is well-crafted and memorable, and Kalas’ vocals are impressive throughout. Whether you’re a fan of rock, blues, or pop, there’s something in Kane’s music for everyone. “I’ve Never Been in Love Before,” is out via all digital outlets today.

Pre-order Kane’s new album: High Hopes

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