Kristina Dervaitis Releases Stirring and Moody New Track Confronting Denial, “Everything & Nothing”

Canadian OBGYN turned singer-songwriter, Kristina Dervaitis, is sharing the first single from her second solo album due this April.

The powerful, piano-led track “Everything & Nothing” focuses on the concept of denial. “Some signs just can’t be ignored without grave consequences,” explains Dervaitis. 

The song’s moody vocals and ominous production underscore Dervaitis’ exploration of how we can over analyze situations and twist any information in order to justify our wants, which often aren’t in line with our true needs.

Climate change denial came to mind when Dervaitis sat down to create the lyric video for “Everything & Nothing.” 

“When you consider the growing number of forest fires worldwide, as just one example, it’s astounding to think that there are still those who deny the role that climate change is playing,” says Dervaitis. 

“It’s right in front of our face – everything is pointing to it – but there are those that so badly want to believe that nothing’s wrong.”


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