Montreal’s The Weather Holds Pinpoints the End of Childhood on “It Feels So Strange”

The Weather Holds is the latest project and supergroup formed by Montreal-based producer and composer Devon Bate whose career is rife with secret contributions to contemporary Canadian music, theatre, and dance. As the producer behind JUNO Award and Polaris Prize winning albums for artists such as Jeremy Dutcher and Jean-Michel Blais, Devon has built friendships and relationships that have shaped his compositional voice. The Weather Holds is fundamentally about recognizing those connections, bringing disparate worlds of Canadian indie and contemporary classical music together, grounded in prairie soil and nourished with a Montrealaise spirit of experimentation.

New single, “It Feels So Strange,” is about what it feels like to age, but also laughs at the seriousness of those feelings. These tectonic inner transformations and the profound feelings of conviction as a younger person – Devon is singing to their validity, but with a warmth and humour he couldn’t have had while in the thick of them. 


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