Jessica Cotten Debuts Her New EP, ‘Edge of the Wilderness’

Edge of the Wilderness is the provocative new EP from the indie electro-pop artist Jessica Cotten. The 6 song EP is Jessica’s aim at political and cultural uproar. It calls out failed leaders, corrupt systems, and hypocritical faith.

“This is a big deal for me, but I felt like I had to speak up,” Jessica says. “I wrote these songs out of a need to express my feelings, and share my experiences of existing alongside broken systems. I didn’t intend for the songs to be a way of exposing harmful people and ways of thinking, but, as I wrote, these things needed to be named. I was angry when I wrote a lot of these songs, and I’m still angry.”

Edge of the Wilderness is ambient and atmospheric as her dream pop elements blend with the electro-elements. Her voice is angelic and calm juxtaposed against her guttural lyrics. Each song tackles something different. Opening the EP is “City on Fire.” This song was written during the political unrest spanning 2016-2020. Jessica found herself separating herself from toxic people and cultures as she watches everything fall apart around her. The overall message is that of hope, however. It’s meant to say, “this way of doing things is broken; it’s falling apart, and we need to let it fall apart so we can build something new and healthy.”

“My Heroes” points out gender discrimination, the lust for power, continued systemic misogyny, and the idea that leadership means putting people last and putting personal drive and success first. “Another Love” follows with the theme of Christianity and the hypocrisy it often boasts. But “Reach Out To Me” follows with a strike of love and hope as she explores how we are all connected which is why we should all care more for each other.

“Steady Now” was actually written as a piece of a poem from one of the novels Jessica wrote. “This particular character is a strong, fierce woman who always knows what to do, and this poem/song is her talking to herself in the midst of a really painful, scary loss,” Jessica reveals.

The EP wraps up with “Every Golden Hour,” a mostly ambient instrumental song about Jessica’s dog, who unfortunately is no longer here. It’s about connection, that even though he’s gone, their spirits are still connected.

Making Edge of the Wilderness marks a powerful journey overcoming anxiety, fear, and showing up for yourself, even if that means stepping out into the unknown. “Music is in my soul and it makes me come alive,” Jessica says. “I hope that my words, stories, and melodies offer the world a place to breathe and a sense of connection to the deeper meanings of life.”

Connect with Jessica Cotten

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