Low Tide Levee’s “Nautilus” is Hypnotic Psychedelic Rock at its Finest

The image of the sea at its lowest level—low tide—and the shore littered with an array of curiosities, presents a powerful metaphor for self-reflection. The idea of a “mental low tide” can be applied to those revelatory but fleeting moments after a hit of pot or a micro dose, or upon waking up from a vivid dream. They can even occur in a random jolt of inspiration where a buried desire comes into consciousness. 

“The name Low Tide Levee speaks to me on a lot of levels: I do love marine biology, I am a diver, and I am passionate about ocean conservation,” shares singer/songwriter, composer, and former Marine Biologist Amy Brookes. “The analogy of low tide symbolizing revealing things in our unconscious and subconscious is powerful for me. I am always drawn to looking at the strange and gross things after a low tide. Exploring those things metaphorically in our minds can be healing and powerful.” 

Low Tide Levee’s new psychedelic and classic rock single “Nautilus” symbolizes this idea of ocean tides meeting one’s mental tide. Inspired by a tiny Nautilus carving, a beautiful netsuke that Amy happened upon by luck while in a little shop one day. Originally a “riff song,” there are 3 distinct melodies in the song that all came together into song. Eventually, it came to Amy that she could feature the Nautilus character.

“Nautilus” flows a lot like the tide. The classic guitar riffs with the hypnotic beat and an island pop vocal style in Amy’s voice create an ebb and flow in the music. The energy is reminiscent of Pink Floyd meets Fleetwood Mac. It gives off a feels of sitting in the ocean and letting the tide take you away, drifting and floating with the water and current. Lyrically speaking, the listener is invited to journey down into the ocean, sinking beneath the waves with the surface sounds further and further away, and life slowing down.

“As the development of this song unfolded with lyrics emerging from my subconscious, it became about the wisdom of life, far beyond our human thinking ways, and the depth that exists if only we take the time to listen,” says Amy.

Listen here:

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