Romain Gutsy Shares Bold New Single “Frenchy Boy,” Out Now!

The new Romain Gutsy’s single “Frenchy Boy” which was released on December 17, is already a fan favorite. The song has been written and produced by Romain and Marc Bentel. It’s an folk release with a very organic sounding, a narrative based song which tells a story like: What if you were a Frenchy Boy and the expectations of you Amer- ican girlfriend were way above reason, and full of clichés… And what if yourself, you’d have interiorized all these clichés about Americans expectations and wrote a song about it? That’s what Frenchy Boy is, an anthem for all cliches and for all Frenchy boys of the world!

But above all that, this song is a must, and features of course Romain’s warm, raspy, distinctive and authentic voice, some nice accordion and a folksy production that wraps it all up

Frenchy Boy Music: Romain Gutsy / Marc Bentel

Lyrics: Romain Gutsy

Vocals: Romain Gutsy

Production: Marc Bentel – Romain Gutsy

Arrangement: Marc Bentel – Romain Gutsy

Mixing: Marc Bentel

Mastering: Marc Bentel

Romain Gutsy is a French-born singer-songwriter and a musician who started his career in the 90s, singing and playing accordion with French bands such as Les Affamés, or guitar in the Celtic band Daffy Plays Mandola, as well as playing with more famous artists such as the Grammy award winner alt-Rock band, Soul Asylum, or American singer, Calvin Russel.

After more than 20 years of musical semi-pause and traveling all over the world, he came back in 2020 with a solo album under the name of THE RED, Whatever Says the Clock, featuring songs composed of lyrics made of classical American and Irish poetry. It was followed in 2022 by a new album called When Leonard Met Dolly.

Marc Bentel is a South-African music professional, who moved to Florida, USA after having won multiple awards with bands he was part of. Marc produced and did the mixing and mastering of the single in his studio in Florida.


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