Astronaut Husband Gets Spacey on New Single

“Highways” is the latest song off of Astronaut Husband’s highly anticipated release, “Down the Road” which will see the light of day on January 27, 2023. It’s a 14 track album that looks fondly to the past, to warm summers spent catching frogs and swimming with friends. But what’s that lurking beneath the surface? It’s the inherent sadness in everything! Bittersweet. A final ode to childhood as we turn away and continue walking down the road. Astronaut Husband has been recording under the moniker for over 10 years now. All of his music is self-recorded. It’s acoustic driven, endearing bedroom type stuff. Patient and textural.

A bandcamp veteran, Alec Grefe, known as Astronaut Husband, has been steadily recording and releasing music since 2012. Through the years he has garnered over 10 million streams on Spotify, and also had a song featured in the film “Baked in Brooklyn”. He flew to LA to perform at the Crest Theatre for the premier. Alec writes, performs, and produces/records/mixes all of his music. Alec lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he can be found playing around the city with his other band, Haunter. At the moment, his biggest musical influences are Mazzy Star, Acetone, King Krule, and a ton of other stuff.

2023 is the year of Astronaut Husband and we can’t wait!

Fly into his world here:


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