TEEN BLUSH x skagboy Share “FALL TIME” – Taken from the Amazing IS IT ALREADY FALL TIME?’ EP

TEEN BLUSH is the solo artist and production project from Chicago-based musician Ken Foss. With a sound that traditionally glides through elements of dreampop, shoegaze, new wave and true alternative rock, Foss creates an experience that is both familiar and refreshing.

He broadens his sonic palette through a collaboration with fellow Chicago-based artist/producer skagboy who takes the songwriting prowess he has established throughout the existing catalogue and brings it into a new electronic alt-pop soundscape. 

Released on indie record label Everything Forever, IS IT ALREADY FALL TIME? combines elements of different genres of electronic dance music and hyperpop/glitchcore. The EP explores themes such as being haunted, ghosts, space, late-night adventures, and what it feels like to want to fall in love with someone – all through the lens of the season of autumn. 

The latter is captured in the focus track “FALL TIME” which is both about the excitement of fall approaching and the ache to be close to someone who is far away, while fully knowing they only want the parts of you that they find convenient. Ultimately, it’s about being foolish enough to convince yourself that somehow that might change.  


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