Rozette Delights on “Salt in the Water”

Rozette (Jenn Beaupré) is a Calgary-based singer/songwriter and international vocal coach who has been sharing her big, powerful and technically masterful voice across North America for the past decade. During this time, she has appeared on Canadian Idol and Stampede City Sessions, performed at the Vancouver Olympics, opened for the Moscow Ballet, won the Calgary Stampede’s Most Promising Young Artist Award, and sang the national anthem at several NHL games.

“People are hard to hate close up. Move in.” This quote by Brené Brown resonated with Rozette, whose new single “Salt in the Water” conveys that we all want the same thing: To love and be loved. To feel safe. To see and be seen. Underneath all of the opinions, and the often divisive issues in our society, we are more the same than different. We are all doing our very best.

Jenn’s vocal style is bold, agile, and eclectic—think Bette Midler meets Norah Jones with a splash of Katy Perry. With the grit of Lady Gaga, the attitude of Pink and the old-soul maturity of Adele, Jenn is a captivating stage performer. She’s digging up her soulful, piano-laden roots with her forthcoming EP, Roze Coloured Glasses

Listen in here:


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