Ryan Hicks Entices with New Single “No Life For Me”

Ryan Hicks is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer from Regina, Saskatchewan. He cites Ron Sexsmith, Father John Misty, and David Bowie as influences.

Hicks makes melodic, cinematic, alt-pop music; as if Paul McCartney, Brian Wilson, and Fleet Foxes made music for David Lynch. Fittingly, he took part in a songwriting class taught by Fleet Foxes’ vocalist Robin Pecknold. His new song, “No Life For Me,” was prompted by an exercise that sought inspiration from the line, “I wish I dated a painter.” Rather than romanticize a muse, Hicks wondered and realized, “‘Does the painter approach everything in their life as premeditated, each action anticipating a reaction to manipulate the partner?’ That idea of a ‘perfect’ life is no life for me.”


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