Puma June Goes for the Gold on”Lost Years”

Toronto-based multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Shanti Abbott, also known as Puma June, evokes a hopeful sadness through her introspective songwriting. June has a dreamy yet rich, experimental chamber-pop style, with a sprinkle of R&B.

She wrote “Lost Years” during her first year working as a registered nurse, which coincided with the early days of the pandemic. Pursuing music has been a lifelong aspiration for June, but like many artists, she was told to take the “safe” route along more certain avenues to “success.”

This yearning ballad represents June’s moment of reflection and realization: feeling the weight of aging and losing time to pursue her artistic dreams, but finding the motivation and strength to reach higher and create a future that she can be proud of.

Despite the regrets and choices that weigh us all down, it’s never too late to create the life that you want. Puma June wants listeners to know that they have the power to alter the trajectory of their lives.


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