Mary Clements Delivers the”Possibilities”

Classically trained vocalist, singer-songwriter, and owner of award-winning French education company, Les Petites Pommes, Mary Clements has created a warm and personal invitation in the form of her debut album, Come With Me.

The album’s indie pop and folk influenced arrangements compliment songs focused on connection, with Clements reflecting on stages of her life when she was trying to figure out who she was alone, experiences with anxiety, as well as her decision to go all in on her relationship and marry her husband.

The vocally powerful, piano and guitar driven “Possibilities” is what Clements refers to as a “funeral for all those opportunities that could have been pursued but died once a path was chosen.” 

Its lyrics speak to the pressures that we have all been faced with when making big decisions that can change the course of our lives, such as moving to a new city, pursuing a relationship, or altering one’s career path.

“To me, there’s nothing more special and powerful in life than feeling connected to each other so [listeners] have given me a great gift. Together, I hope we can create and multiply more of these moments in the world,” Clements expresses.


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