Joey Stylez Takes Us “Thru The Ceiling”

Cree hip hop artist Joey Stylez credits his success to faith, family and commitment. He overcame the struggles common to North American Indigenous youth and his journey serves as an inspiration to many.

His new song, “Thru The Ceiling” is a powerful sentiment that taught everyone involved with the project what a huge responsibility we have to send the right message with music. Listeners will feel the power that the drum and Indigenous culture has to heal lives and hearts in the spirit of reconciliation.

It is part of a Canada Council project (Indigenous Youth Sharing the Heart of Turtle Island) that includes an epic soon-to-be-released video, which was filmed in Saskatchewan and Haida Gwaii, BC. It tells the story of Indigenous youth overcoming bullying. The stunning visuals show how the drum and Indigenous culture lead our youth to a world of self-confidence.

“This single is near and dear to my heart as it tells a story about Indigenous youth overcoming adversity by using our culture,” says Joey. “You could say that I lived it.”


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