Ace of Wands Reveals Magical New Single

Toronto band, Ace of Wands, formed around Lee Rose in 2017 to reflect a life-altering period of mental illness. Surreal and beautiful, Ace of Wands creates immersive and intricate soundscapes to explore the meaning of Dream Rock. From the tension and dread of a nightmare to the effortless freedom of lucid dreaming, Ace of Wands compels audiences to listen with attention, not shy away from the dreams that may reveal hidden parts of themselves.

Starting off with a bang, their song “Desiring You” showcases the emotional ferocity and creative musicianship that lies at the heart of Ace of Wands’ music. Powerful Alt-Rock guitar chords morph into swirling Dream-Pop countermelodies, while heartfelt female vocals explore the conflict of what it means to desire a hurtful thing. 

The song was inspired by Lee’s toxic relationship and the addictive and sometimes destructive nature of desiring what was not good for her. Her way of dealing with it was to put music to the feeling of being completely unseen by the person she most desired being with. The song explores the tension, the anger and her ultimate refusal to be strung along. 


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