Kue Varo is “Feelin’ Lucky” on New Single

Like a magic gramophone found during a stay at a desert compound, the dusk-tinged songs of Kue Varo & the Only Hopes are ethereal yet immediate, shrouded in mist but immediately distinct. The titular Varo leads the group with lyrics, vocals, guitar and more, but her trusty Only Hopes help bring to life the music that carries her grit-marked, dramatic vocals through your ears and into your soul.

Feelin’ Lucky” paints a picture of the ebbs and flows of a really good day, all leading to a climactic release and repeat. There’s motivation and liberation through fearless fun and pleasure, pulling the threads of fortune a little closer, weaving them into reality. The song ends with a cathartic scream of “Nothing can stop me now!” at the top of Varo’s lungs, leading to a psychedelic climax. 

Russel Broom produced this track along with the two others that the band will be releasing. Each track will be released in alignment with the next three new moons – a time of resetting when the veils between realities are at their thinnest. 


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