Following the recent release ofhis highly-anticipated,  thirteen track, audio-visual debut album DRMVRSE , LA-based producer, DJ, and label owner NGHTMRE has just released his fourth and most cinematic music video of the album yet, which is available now on YouTube HERE. Combining his tracks “Fear” and “Love,” the video masterfully depicts an otherworldly experience with the combination of beautiful, psychotropic effects and detailed visual storytelling that further entrench us into the world of DRMVRSE.

Set in a dreamlike alternate dimension, we follow our two leads, Julien and Dani, in an adrenaline-filled space chase. Piloting their manta-shaped craft with desperate finesse, they outmaneuver their multiple assailants in tentacled space crafts and engage in battle, blasting away one pursuant after the other. Diving into the maws of a gargantuan space creature, they are suddenly teleported to the extraterrestrial throne room of a godly being who cryptically announces “Fear is not real. It can only exist in our minds when we think of what lies ahead…Fear is a choice,” and with these words, “Fear” ends and “Love” begins. 

Waking up back into reality, the chase continues; this time no longer just in their dreams. The two navigate a maze of industrial crates, once again fighting the private militia from a corporation we now identify as Treadsoft, but as enemy reinforcements start rolling in, the two soon realize that they’re fighting a losing battle. In an attempt to escape, they take to the skies, only to be shot down by our lead villain, Dr. Midnight, via cosmic railgun. Crash landed and with nowhere else to turn, the two embrace and accept their fate together, whatever that may be. 

Created over the past four years, NGHTMRE’s debut full-length album DRMVRSE is a masterfully cohesive fictional anthology involving a Neurotech company named Treadsoft that discovers a sonic frequency called Unsound, which leads one through gateways to other physical planes of existence, known as the “DRMVRSE.” Add in portal jumping and epic battles seen via eight long form music video vignettes and you have one of the most imaginative and sonically pristine audio-visual, psychedelic-sci fi album experiences of the year. “Fear & Love” combines tracks ten and eleven from the album and marks the fourth of NGHTMRE’s cinematic videos to be released; the other three being the project’s lead single, “Fall Into Me” with SLANDER featuring Dylan Matthew, its guitar-led emotional second single, “The One” with KLAXX, and its third high octane trap single, “Trials” featuring Maryland rapper IDK.


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