CustodyMusic Goes High with “Skyfall”

A producer and lyricist through-and-through, rapper CustodyMusic produces and records melodic music that’s inspired by candid reflections on life. 

For the past few years, the Toronto-hailing artist has made his way around his local music scene, releasing singles like, “Toxic” and “Too Much Auto-Tune,” as well as collaborating with some of the city’s biggest names.

His futuristic new single, “Skyfall,” draws inspiration from the behavioural changes that CustodyMusic has witnessed in others when they achieve success. Often this treatment of others can cause people to withdraw from their presence.

Hard hitting 808’s, synths, and assertive vocals define CustodyMusic’s righteous delivery.

The song’s mysterious video, directed by Marcus Letts, shrouds the rapper’s message in an intentional layer of anonymity.

Check out the official music video for “Skyfall” over at YouTube:

Pride can ultimately be one’s downfall. The message of “Skyfall” is to stay grounded and humble throughout all of life’s experiences, not letting inflated notions get to your head.


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