Lucy Morgan Shines on with “Firelight”

Singer/songwriter Lucy Morgan grew up with music in her life from the very beginning. With a musician for a dad, performing has always been in her blood. Her life was flipped upside down however, when her sister died from cystic fibrosis. After completing a BFA in theatre and drama studies, Lucy tried her hand at songwriting and found it to be the greatest form of therapy. Turning her deepest emotions into lyrics and a melody was a beautiful metamorphosis, as if a weight was being lifted off of her heart.

Her new song, “Firelight” was written with friend and fellow artist Freida Mari. The two of them met up in the park for a few hours and caught up as friends, relating about their similar situations in the love department. 

Despite both of them being greatly hurt in romantic relationships in the past, “Firelight” was their way of expressing the feeling you get when you’ve started talking with someone new. You’re excited for what it could be but the wounds from your last try haven’t fully healed. You want love but the road there has been full of potholes and dead ends thus far. This song is about seeing the potential in someone and although there is the fear of it burning out, and going for it anyway.

“For me, love and relationships have consisted of a power struggle a lot of the time,” says Lucy. “It has felt in the past like there is some sort of game to be played, especially at the start of something new. This generation of dating is so incredibly flawed and there is a consensus that people like ‘the chase.’ Which is just so silly. But I have been guilty of giving into that and when I wrote this song I was wrapped up in it big time.”

All the songs on Lucy’s Firelight EP were inspired by her journey after a really terrible and impossible breakup. It was a long road for her to get back to herself after that experience. Music was what she turned to in those moments of hopelessness as well as the moments of peace.

The six-track EP and features singles including “Firelight” and “Where It All Began.” Listen to it here:

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