AP Tobler Shares Their Next Hit Single “Claustrophobia”

Ab Tobler, who has been described as a “grunge poet”, tends to write about heavier laden topics like anxiety and depression. 

In their latest track, “Claustrophobia,” from their upcoming EP Devoid, AP explores their musical range with heavy elements of grunge rock and, with a definite alt rock feel that sounds like Weezer or Green Day. 

“In the melodic alt rock track ‘Claustrophobia,’ the lyric “I am imprisoned in this vessel, I can´t flee” is about the terrible feeling of being trapped in my own body,” they share.

The song describes how uncomfortable it feels for them in their own skin, but also to be yourself, fully and completely: “I wrote this track as I was getting through a spell of writer´s block, and the line ‘No longer can I synthesize it into sound’ references that struggle to turn pain into art.” 

Listen here:

AP´s musical career began when they first discovered how to play drums at the age of 8. Since then, they’ve explored hard rock, alt rock, grunge, metal and jazz and have added both guitars and bass to their instrumental portfolio. 

They began writing music at a young age, and performed at music events like PASIC and Sweetwater Gearfest. 

Their post grunge sound, described as described as “existential post-grunge bops,” is sure to capture their already growing audience from previously released music, as well as new material. 

Stay current with AP Tobler on their Website  and social media channels Instagram , Twitter , Facebook  and TikTok 

Stream music on  YouTube, Spotify and Soundcloud


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