Yutao Shares His New Lo-Fi and Bedroom Pop Single “Sensation”

Yutao never quite felt complete in his home country of China. He always longed for ideals he felt were embodied by Western culture. When he came to the United States as a student, he tried to stay true to his Eastern culture by fusing it with the Western traditions he was adopting. Slowly, the pair of seemingly very different ideals melded into a personal outlook for Yutao reflected in his delicately gorgeous, electro-pop.

Yutao felt music in his body before he created it. He came up as a break-dancer, but was sidelined for two years after an injury. Upon healing, he realized his moves weren’t as on-point as they were before the injury, and he longed for a fresh creative outlet. During this time, he started hearing and feeling hip-hop, R&B, and EDM in a new way. “The rhythms of this music gave me a rush—like the same sensation I had when I first started breakdancing,” he says.

He recently released his lo-fi bedroom pop single “Sensation.” The song is soft, delicate, and chill. His voice is hypnotic and mystical. When the chorus hits and the beat becomes pronounced, you physically sink into the song. Lyrically, he sings about embracing new love while being fully aware that it won’t last. It swirls and dazzles upon each listen.

Listen here:

“I live and create in a limbo state. Both Eastern and Western perspectives have shaped me, and, while I see the value in both outlooks, I feel a dissonance inside,” Yutao shares. “If I draw a circle between East and West, I live in the center, but, through creating music, I have found a home.”

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