Sylvie Shines on “Dull The Shimmer”

London-based multi-instrumentalist, artist, and producer, Sylvie, has quickly turned heads with their poignant lyricism, innovative production, and what would seem to be effortlessly executed vocal gymnastics.

“We should up the dose and keep the girl’s mouth shut, let’s all raise a toast until she’s all fired up,” sings the sharp tongued songwriter on her new single. After being put back onto antidepressant medication, “Dull The Shimmer” describes the numbness Sylvie felt, pointing out the irony of a “happy pill” being a bitter pill to swallow.

Sylvie will debut Particles of Paranoia this fall, featuring exquisitely layered vocals, ethereal vocoders, and moments that seamlessly blend from chaotic to delicate. The entirely self-written and self-produced EP reflects themes of coming of age, breaking cycles, and portrays unflinchingly honest experiences with mental illness and mental health services that speak to the depth of Sylvie’s artistry.


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