Lyle Kam Debuts Strong Release “isn’t it funny”

A true Renaissance man, Lyle Kam has spent the past four years bridging the gap between creativity and engineering – writing, producing, and mixing his music, while also studying engineering at the University of Waterloo. Now as he turns his attention full time to creativity, he hopes to shine a light on Asian-Canadian artists and inspire others with his message that nothing is out of reach with enough passion and hard work. He also hopes to never actually have to use his engineering degree.

His sentimental song, “isn’t it funny” was the outcome of conflicting feelings he had with being a musician: having to travel but also the anxiety of traveling alone, and unraveling the reasons and meaning behind that apparent dichotomy.

Lyle envisioned this song as really air-y and dreamlike, similar to how you would imagine it feels being on a plane since the song was all about traveling. He played around with different elements to really give that feeling of elevation by adding plane noises such as the sound of the engine that comes in briefly during the third verse, and a recurring beep motif that happens throughout the song. Altogether, he focused on making the emotional aspect of the song come through, since at the heart of the song, it’s about not being able to see someone that you miss.


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