CNFMUS Intrigues with “Sophisticated Lady”

Vancouver-based Chinese-Canadian music facilitator CNFMUS (C-INFAMOUS) has always been an avid westcoast rap/G-Funk fan. Through the years, he found that he was growing farther and further away from the genre. After accomplishing many goals in his career while abroad in Hong Kong, this new song was a way to get back to his roots and passion in music making. 

This summertime groove, “Sophisticated Lady,” features vocals from songwriter/producer terrytyelee and Bo Roc from G-Funk group, The Dove Shack

Originally, this beat was created by CNFMUS years ago in LA. He played the beat during a studio session with DJ Cell, and Bo Roc came up with the hook and harmonies immediately. Unfortunately, the laptop with the track ended up getting stolen, along with dozens of other beats and songs. However, CNFMUS couldn’t get the hook and beat of “Sophisticated Lady” out of his head and was able to recover Bo Roc’s vocals from DJ Cell to recreate the song. 

Later, while visiting Taiwan, CNFMUS met with his frequent collaborator, terrytyelee. When he heard the song, there was an instant connection and he was basically able to lay down all the verses on the fly. 

The artwork of this single, as well as other songs in the collection, was done by OG Joecool, the artist who was responsible for Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle album. 

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