Ryan Bourne Unveils “Anemone Sound”

Calgary-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Ryan Bourne is about to transport you to another era with his psychedelic new song, “Anemone Sound.”

There are a few unconventional things happening in the song, musique concrete nods with long strains of backwards cymbal and flute sampled from cassette recordings that Ryan made. There’s also these traffic sounds inspired by a transition in Mingus’ Cumbia & Jazz Fusion where all these jungle bird sounds and traditionally-inspired Cumbia elements suddenly pivot into a midtempo bebop and it feels like you’re suddenly seamlessly transported to Greenwich Village in the 50s… Ryan definitely wanted to emulate this transportive quality.

“I wanted to play with this metaphor of a lover being a siren or a sea god, a mythical psychedelic creature whose love took you through a kind of ego death,” says Ryan. “In this sense it could refer to spiritual love, spiritual transformation, the death of the old, rebirth of the new, illuminated self.”


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