Queens County Roots (feat. Jesse Maxwell) “Feed The Hungry” from ‘The Moon Sessions’ EP

Queens County Roots is home to the blues rock songs of New York City-based guitarist Marlon Hurt. Collaborating with Jesse Maxwell, Hurt has created “Feed The Hungry,” harnessing the age-old metaphor of love as sustenance.

Jesse Maxwell’s vocals lead this track into an R&B vein, complete with ethereal and yearning lyrics, such as, “I have a thirst that I can’t seem to quell by drinking deeply from a wishing well.”

Undercurrents of neo-soul, prog, and major key blues rock flesh out this soaring and eclectic track.

Feed The Hungry” is taken from The Moon Sessions, Queens County Roots and Maxwell’s collaborative EP, which features a collection of songs that deal with intolerable situations.

There is an uplifting quality to this music, approaching difficult topics with a positive outlook and clear-eyed vision.


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