Captain WildChild Takes Us on a “Fantasy”

Hamilton’s soul piercing, ear-gnashing rock ’n roll trio Captain WildChild embodies the perfect blend of raw, raspy vocals, gripping lyrics, bombastic drums, and unforgettable riffs. They’re often compared to bands like The Dirty Nil, Single Mothers, and PUP, sprinkled with a helping of weird and in-your-face energy. Born from their devotion of creating music together, Chad Chartrand (guitar, vocals) and Nigel Stewart (drums) established the band as a duo in early 2018.

Their first song off their debut full length LP, Infinite Pleasure, is a rollercoaster of a tune called “Fantasy.” The contrast in the instrumental parts between the verses and choruses are very deliberate. It’s a mosh-dance-mosh-dance song, and the feel changes to keep the energy continuously feeding into the next section.

The video, from the shooting to the editing, was done by the band. There’s something to be said for a song about riches and fantasies that is coated in humourous, do-it-yourself artwork. You can see the imperfections of the video are perfect for the song. 

Infinite Pleasure was recorded with producer Mickey Ellsworth (Walk Off The Earth, Shawn Mendes) and releases on August 20, 2022. The album is poised to be a wild ride, full of grit and intensity while still being playful.


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