Vince Vanguard’s “Just So You Know” Paints a Picture of Recovery

“I talked about recording for years, but couldn’t make it happen until I made some important changes. I guess I hid in that studio,” Vince admits. For years, Vince Vanguard owned and ran a recording studio and ran his own production company. He had always wanted to create and release his own music, but couldn’t quite take that step, so helped others release theirs. However, his overindulgent lifestyle was his downfall.

Today, he’s set to release his debut folk rock and americana album, Spirit Blues. “These songs were written and recorded for me. I wasn’t trying to be commercially successful, or catch a certain group’s attention. They’re all just my pain and existential rumination, and the need for their cathartic release.”

His latest release, “Just So You Know,” is a gripping country song inspired by his recovery from alcohol and is a eulogy to the relationship he had with it. He wrote it in the early days of his journey to getting help and reflects the power that alcohol had on him, singing “Just so you know/I’m letting you go/to find a better life on the other side.”

“Just So You Know” utilizes a pedal steel to give the signature twang sound in the song. His voice is very familiar, almost like Jackson Brown, and the country sound he presents is kind of like a Garth Brooks or a George Strait with a contemporary and hint of soft rock feeling.

Listen here:

Keep an eye out on his album, out in October 2022.

Connect with Vince Vanguard
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