SOMBRA Goes the Distance with “PYRAMIDES”

SOMBRA is music to turn the lights off to. For music that is created in total depravity of the outside world, SOMBRA’s brooding sound has a surprisingly celestial quality. A fusion of dance-worthy Alternative Rock, Hip Hop, Industrial Pop and Indie, yet at the same time completely indefinable, Matthew Cataldo of SOMBRA has created a signature sound that has caught the attention of music lovers and tastemakers alike.

His new single, “PYRAMIDES,” is his first release after a long break, and is a surprisingly uplifting and lyrically meaningful track. Following a climb of Mt. Fuji with some friends, Matthew felt a sense of enlightenment and happiness, despite being forced to give up and turn back before reaching the summit. 

More than just his physical struggle to climb a mountain, “PYRAMIDES” is about his mental health journey, which has always been a key part of SOMBRA and his musical inspiration and drives. His experience at Mt. Fuji was the first time he gave up, but didn’t feel awful about it. It just felt like the right thing to do – to relinquish control. 

Listen and watch here:

“The weird thing about Fuji is that, once you get above the tree line – you can see the top of the mountain the entire time you’re climbing,” says Cataldo. “The end is always in sight. This makes it such a spiritually challenging climb. I got ¾ to the top of the mountain – unable to continue climbing, legs destroyed and soul completely defeated. The idea for the song, and some of the first lyrics come out of this disappointment.”


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