Distant Matter is True on “Do You Miss Me?”

Distant Matter is the moniker of electronic pop artist and multi-instrumentalist Alexander Seligman-Swartz, who brings a textured, colourful, and sentimental infused sound to the electronic scene.

Distant Matter announced his highly anticipated debut EP, Iridescent, with new single “Do You Miss Me?” featuring Toronto artist, GUS. The 6 track EP will be his first EP since the creation of the Distant Matter project, and is scheduled for release in September of 2022. “Do You Miss Me?” is distinctive with a memorable vocal hook, bouncy baseline, and clever sound design. 

Birds see colours differently than humans do. For example, the male Yellow-breasted Chat has a yellow breast to the human eye, but a bird’s eye view reveals ultraviolet iridescent feathers on his chest that set him apart from the females of the species. This relates to the idea of who we let see our true colours, or in other words who we let see our iridescence.

There is a double meaning here, as one side of the coin is Seligman-Swartz showing who he is as an artist, whereas on the other hand, the meanings of the songs relate to what has gone on in his life throughout the last little while. 


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