Stun Delivers Stunning Single “Indigenous”

Stun is an award winning Canadian indigenous hip hop artist from Oxford House, Manitoba. Leaning toward his most prominent project yet, Lifestylez of The Fresh & Indigenous is the third installment toward the hip hop artist’s catalog, with a lead single titled “Indigenous” set to take the airwaves across turtle island. 

It was the end of 2019. Stun was feeling optimistic, having dropped an album that summer and he felt the need to keep pushing his momentum with performances and writing sessions. And the idea of the song “Indigenous” came into place when he’d seen what was happening in the world – especially the protests and the ongoing call for the missing and murdered. It was right in his face at many stages. He felt pain, but also a sense of confidence because he wanted people to feel like they could get up and do something about it. And then the song blossomed into his lap.

Watch and listen here:

With the new album, Lifestylez of The Fresh & Indigenous, Stun is hoping that people can get a more in-depth sense of his culture and an indefinite experience of what happens in his life. He wants them to feel love, passion and pride – in other words, a great understanding of the lifestyles of the fresh & indigenous. 

Stun wanted to toss in both sides of his life: the emotional side and the indigenous side with a little bit of bravado incorporated into it. It’s not your typical storyline album, it’s more of a collection of stuff he was feeling and going through at the time. 


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