Apollo Lovely Debuts Stunning Track “Runaway”

Do you ever get that feeling like you’re stuck in a rut? After a tumultuous experience in the music industry, Kim Ho of Apollo Lovely and Creature almost quit music entirely. He took time to recharge, pursue other interests, and ultimately it led him back to writing music. 

His uplifting new song, “Runaway,” was written after he met someone inspiring, and he found the courage to run away from all the stories and games that others seemed to be pressuring him with. He discovered a renewed desire to follow his dreams and to do what he loves.

Kim wanted to elicit the feeling of breaking out of a mold — the mold built by our peers, parents, society, and most importantly the mold that we construct for ourselves. The feeling of breaking free from these constraints, to serve out our creative light, is to be happy and truly be free. 

Kim wanted to write an album of songs that everyone could relate to. He hopes that by sharing his own deep feelings and personal experiences, that listeners can find themselves in the music, and be able to feel as if the songs had been written for them. 

His eponymous debut LP as a solo artist was produced by himself and Ben Boucher. His message that he would like to put out through his album is that love is the most powerful force during our time on earth. There is an emphasis on not just the love we have for others, the people that move in and out of our lives, but also the love for ourselves and our dreams.  


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