Taylor Grey Reveals “Ever Knew Me”; Her First Release in 2 Years

Today, singer-songwriter Taylor Grey releases the upbeat single “Ever Knew Me” via Kobalt. The pop song describes the story personal to the songstress having a paralyzing fear of saying goodbye to people. This is the first single launching her comeback to the music industry after a two year hiatus, with more singles set to launch in 2022.

Alongside a catchy rhythm, listeners will feel Grey’s words and the feelings of life’s blurry emotional ups and downs, as the lyrics of “Ever Knew Me”, hold a deeper, almost melancholy tone describing the reality of moving on. Vulnerability and authenticity exude from every note, especially with words and comparisons such as “Looking like a silhouette” convey a message that instead of saying goodbye head-on, there is an attempt to fade into the background. The lyrical storytelling exudes a strong imagery that fills every phrase of Grey’s new single, perfectly crafting a rich rhythmic and visual atmosphere for every listener.

“When a relationship comes to its natural end, I get scared that the person will hate me, so much so that I end up pulling away and being unable to say anything substantial at all,” says Grey. “The track references musical elements from the 70s and 80s, which create an energetic pop rock backdrop to this more nostalgic storyline in my life, and I am sure the lives of many others who experience social anxiety like myself.”

In 2017, she released her first studio album Space Case via her standing relationship with Kobalt Music Group and won two Independent Music Awards. The 12-track release featured a notable collaboration with The Vamps’ Brad Simpson. The same year Taylor revealed the Indie-Ballad single “Poison,” which further showcased the playful yet meaningful side of her writing and on-stage presence. A gifted songwriter and talented performer, she provides pristinely produced tracks with enrapturing vocals that surround each piece. Taylor’s 2018 project, her self-titled EP GREY,  was produced by Oliver “Oligee” Goldstein (Foster the People, Ellie Goulding) with executive producer Josh Abraham (Thirty Seconds to Mars, Weezer, P!nk). The release was featured on Official Spotify playlists, and supported by Just Jared, iHeartRadio, among other high profile outlets.

Taylor has toured internationally with Why Don’t We in late 2019, and has shared the stage with Walk the Moon, Fall Out Boy, Sabrina Carpenter, The Vamps, Flo Rida, Jake Miller, and more. Driven by an intricate sound that is vibrant, seductive, classy, and distinctive, Taylor is quickly paving her way in the music industry.  With several releases slated for the upcoming months, she’s going full-steam ahead in her musical endeavors with 2022 gearing up to be Taylor’s biggest year yet.


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