Ghost Caravan Spook on “Girls Talk”

Ghost Caravan is a group of collaborators led by Shaina Silver-Baird. Her anthemic pop/electronica sound is cinematic and invigorating. For their contribution to the multi-artist covers album, Ghost Caravan has created a poppy, ‘80s-leaning version of Elvis Costello’s song, Girls Talk, that comes with a side of empowering cheekiness.

This song brings up memories of being a teenager. Silver-Baird pictures the nostalgic image of a bunch of girls huddled together giggling, talking and gossiping. She loves the thought of those young girls knowing that there’s power in what they say, no matter what they choose to use their voice for – whether it’s trivial or powerful.
Growing up, Silver-Baird had only heard the cover version by Linda Rondstadt and never knew that Elvis Costello was the original singer. When she hears a male voice singing this song, to her it really feels like he’s on the outside looking in on the female experience – seeing and hearing the rush and the power of girls talking and gossiping from the outside. But when she hears a woman sing it, it feels like the whole story of the song is flipped. It’s now being sung from the inside of the experience. Silver-Baird’s saying: “I know you wanna know what I’m saying… and I know what I choose to say has power. Whether it’s to help or hurt… it has power.”


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