Down With Space Debuts “Not Your Time”

Montréal based indie pop duo Down With Space are vocalist/guitarist Rob Helsten and drummer Steve Dumas – the partnership of an English speaker (Helsten) and a French speaker (Dumas) who have found an understanding through music when language can sometimes elude communication. 

Their dancy new single, “Not Your Time” was born during a sporadic jam session. It was a cathartic writing process for Rob Helsten, who was working through the grief of losing a friend in a needless accident. 

Despite the heavy lyrics and message of the song, this song is meant to be anything but that. It should evoke memories of free, fun, and energetic moments spent with your loved ones.

The video for this track is a collaboration between Helsten and Piotr. It’s meant to portray a protagonist trapped in their own isolation with some mysterious outside force trying to coerce them out of it. In the end, they are brought out of their self imposed confinement to see that there is still an outside world.


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