Evil Tongues Come to Life with “Energy For This”

Evil Tongues has developed a gritty cinematic sound with soaring anthemic melodies and raw personal lyrics. The Toronto-based pair, Jennifer Di and Mike Allain, bonded over their eclectic range of musical tastes and saw an opportunity to take to the stage, inspired by a shared love of the sounds that defined the ‘80s and the UK music scene. 

JUNO Award winner Kevin Dietz mixed their new single “Energy For This,” mastered by Grammy Award winner Emily Lazar and Chris Allgood.

“I had moved provinces to be with my partner, and over the course of a year the relationship gradually fell apart,” Di shares about her inspiration. “I became a shell of the person I used to be, dealing with isolation, anxiety, depression and insomnia. ‘Energy For This’ is about where I was mentally in the months leading up to my decision to leave the province and ultimately end the relationship.”


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