Emily Jean Flack is “Changing” on New Single

Changing,” the latest single from Emily Jean Flack, is a vulnerable and yearning love letter, ensconced in piano, sweeping guitars, and percussion which frame an honest and open vocal melody.

Don’t go changing for the world 

Your heart is where I’m home

“The world is a beautifully broken place. It’s easy to stumble,” explains Emily of this track’s context. “The song also stands to encourage us as people to persevere when we feel the pressures of the world weighing us down.”

Captivating audiences with her soaring voice, genre defying sound and honest words, 

Emily Jean Flack is an emerging artist on the Canadian music scene. 

“Growing up playing Celtic music gave me the fire. Listening to country and folk gave me the soul. Inspired by vocalists like Ella Fitzgerald, Celine Dion, Enya and Allison Krauss — I started to dream. Then I began to write and from there, things started to collide.”


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