Cherry Blaster Debuts Explosive New Single “I don’t wanna”

The brainchild of front woman Iulia Ciobanu, Cherry Blaster is a three-piece Toronto indie pop band that explores longing and uncertainty while striking the perfect balance of closeness and detachment. 

I don’t wanna” is a party ballad about being done with dating. Lush, soft, and sad verses are overswept by an exacerbated and exuberant wall of sound chorus. A mirage of a connection is dispelled in the blink of an eye and one is left to party alone again.

“I’d had yet another disappointing dating experience that left me wanting more,” said Iulia. “I was frustrated and hurt even though I knew that I had been trying to see more in it than was really there. When things don’t work out, I zero in on little moments and blame myself, even though it’s a two way street.”


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