Ryan Bourne Reveals “End Of Story”

Calgary based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Ryan Bourne returns with another fun breakup song in the form of “End Of Story.” 

“A psych-pop hymn to love in the ‘late time’, I wrote most of ‘End Of Story’ on my front stoop at golden hour, soaking up the rays in the aftermath of a toxic entanglement. Doo-wop chords propel a whistful, paradoxical lyric (with perhaps an echo of Daniel Johnston via Beatles), and there’s this sense of contradiction, the non-linearity of memory, of time. I wanted the words to have a quality the rational mind can’t fix on; to be slightly caustic yet somehow at peace – with the music remaining defiantly happy – drifted in some sweet beyond. ‘End Of Story’ is a kind of peace spell, cast by a phantom remembering a life.” —Ryan Bourne


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