Mobina Galore Debuts “Whiskey Water”

Mobina Galore are a vocally aggressive power chord punk act based out of Winnipeg, MB. With a decade together under their belts, Jenna and Marcia have been building their voices – musically and literally – since they first started out in their Fernie, B.C. jam room. Mobina Galore structure their sound around huge choruses, soaring guitar riffs, intense vocal and musical dynamics, and personal lyrics about life and death.

New single, “Whiskey Water,” is a party – a celebration of life, if you will. It’s about summer nights with friends you see on the road, drinking wine straight from the bottle and moments that you never want to end. Sometimes these moments are brought on by the pain of losing someone you love when you’re miles away from home, but it’s your family on the road that helps you through those times to create perfect moments.


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