‘Thoughts and Prayers’ is The Chad Sipes Stereo’s Most Powerful Album Yet

The Chad Sipes Stereo have dropped their new album “Thoughts and Prayers”, which has been described as “alternative rock with grunge hooks, tired hands and dirty looks.” 

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania based, this four man group have been together since 2010. This new album was written and recorded between 2019 and 2021, with significant delays in the recording dates and rehearsals largely due to the Covid pandemic. Availability of the band also factored in for their final 2022 release. 

The album is a collection of songs that has a definite grunge rock vibe, an album which lead singer Chad says will ¨resonate not only for thematic material, but for the impossibly catchy hooks. It is the album I´ve always wanted to make, and I´d really like for it to be heard.” 

The opening track “Every Single Kid” is a good example of the band´s grunge rock style, with ethereal backdrop sounds and synths. The songs “New Prescription” and “Therapy” have a more catchy melody and chorus, with a sound similar to R.E.M and Weezer. 

Songs like “Relapse” has a darker side and “Pill for That” shows their more fun side, with a brighter sound similar to Green Day. Overall, there is a mysterious element to this band. 

About the Album, The Chad Sipes Stereo say: 

“Thoughts and Prayers is about America’s relationship with pills. There is a storyline that weaves through the album, loosely focusing on one character. It was very important to me as I wrote this album that I didn’t come off as preachy or judgmental. My core message is, no matter who you are or what your background is, we are all going to end up on pills at some time in our life. But there is a hard truth. There are doctors, insurance companies, and CEOs out there that have so much skin in the game, and I wanted to address that side of it too.”

Listen here:

Stay current with The Chad Sipes Audio on their website and social media channels, Facebook and Instagram. 

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