Good Fortune Unveils “I Know”

Good Fortune, the brainchild of Toronto songwriter, musician and visual artist Kelsey McNulty, creates a cinematic collage of sound both new and old on her debut self-titled album out this spring.

McNulty highlights a lyric from her new single, “I Know,” reasoning that it takes the view of glass half-full versus half-empty. “When one dream lives another dies. Every time you choose an adventure over time spent on your craft, or follow your inspiration on a project and miss out on something social, you are realizing a dream and putting another one aside, at least for a time. This is positive, it means feeling strongly enough about something in your life to let something else go and trust that it will be ok. There are always new dreams!”

With an affection for the ‘60s French pop of Francoise Hardy and Serge Gainsbourg, to space pop revivalists like Broadcast and Air – McNulty delivers her intimate and sultry vocals stylings (in both English and French) over intentional layers of dreamy synth, surf guitar, and an airtight rhythm section.


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