Victory Chimes Ring True on “Conductor”

The new Victory Chimes record, When The Fog Rolls In, is the new project from Montreal rocker, Jeff Louch. Their first full-length album follows the release of two previous EPs. 

In 2020 Louch was awarded a scholarship to the International Songwriter’s program at the Banff Centre of the Arts as well as the Quebec Council of Arts Research and Development grant which facilitated the writing of a new Victory Chimes record. The band recorded through the fall/ winter of the pandemic 2020-21.

Conductor,” the second single from the upcoming album, was one the songs from the record written in a small studio room with only a grand piano at the base of Sleeping Buffalo Mountain at the Banff Centre of the Arts. The song’s backdrop was inspired by this immense and powerful landscape where the Earth meets the Heavens. 

Louch explains, “The main character believes they occupy and control this realm making ridiculous claims – a personification of some of the modern egoism we’ve seen lately in politics and culture.  The twist comes at the end when we find out our character is only a child caught up in an absurd fantasy.”

The new album, When the Fog Rolls In, arrives on May 20.

Dive into more music here:


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