Toronto’s Jozem Takes Us Back to Our “Youth

Jozem is a Toronto-based artist via Kenya and Rwanda, who establishes his artistry through meaningful, expressive music that’s thought-provoking, sincere and relatable. Still something of a best-kept secret, Jozem has impressed audiences with his intimate and expressive performances, anchored by a voice rich in emotion and texture. 

His nostalgic new song “Youth,” is the second single to be released from his sophomore project, it came to me in a dream (out May 20th). The song is written in thanks to the kindred spirits you encounter in your life that live unapologetically, and help mold you into the person you become.

“I have felt like an outsider my entire life, whether it was because of my introversion, being a refugee/foreign, at times because of my blackness or my queerness or any combination thereof,” said Jozem. “‘Youth’ is about walking in one’s own truth, a celebration of being different, of marching to the beat of your own drum in a world that oftentimes will not acknowledge or understand you. It is about struggling to, but ultimately finding one’s voice and choosing to use it whether it falls on deaf ears or not.”


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