Clea Anaïs Revelas “Under the Blue of the Moon”

Calgary based musician Clea Anaïs’ compositions centre on two things: their multifaceted artistic sensibility, and an emotional intelligence as sharp as a shard of bright-coloured crystal. After years spent working within her collaborative band, RALEIGH, and recording with bands like Woodpigeon, 100 Mile House, Reuben and the Dark, and Astral Swans, she unveils her debut solo record, Circle Zero.

With genre defying production and inimitable vocals, grounded in nostalgic groove and lush pop stylings, Circle Zero was born from an intense period of challenges, but makes a point of focusing on moments of beauty to evoke hope. 

Circling fundamental personal truths, and acknowledging basic desires we share as humans, Clea acknowledges that “the best of the old has come forward on this journey, and the other space has been filled with new support, new love, a renewed iteration of myself.”

Filled with allegories, “Under the Blue of the Moon” imagines youthful freedom on the other side of global doom, beyond the conventions of dissolved human structures.


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