Dilettante Shares Flirty New Single “Donna”

Dilettante, meaning “amateur of the arts,” is the semi-deadly-serious moniker of a quintet that reflects like a seasoned collective, only to laugh like absolute beginners. 

Flirty and cheeky, their latest single “Donna” marries the easy feelings of innocence and goofiness with the exciting, dramatic feeling of “now or never.” Donna brings disco drama, a fictional muse wearing tight leather pants that one might encounter on a glowing dancefloor.

Dilettante’s self-titled debut effort arrives May 2022, a modulated cabaret that tests how wryly powerful pop can be. Bittersweet throwback bops create technicolor characters that shake and glimmer like the last sequin clinging to an attic-bound jumpsuit; then, thumping ballads croon and cry like dancing slowly, alone in the spotlight with all of your closest friends. Expect fantastic double harmonies, pulsing bongos, rolling low-end, and show-thieving synth leads.


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