Daniel James McFadyen Unveils “Mr Lipless”

Nova Scotian singer-songwriter Daniel James McFadyen began his musical journey by playing at small, bustling pubs in and around the Annapolis Valley. Daniel’s music began to gain popularity after the release of his single “Goin’ Back (The Wolfville Song),” an ode to the small town where Daniel began playing music professionally. Daniel now has 2 EP’s under his belt and his most recent album “August, I’m Yours” is nominated for an East Coast Music Award.

“The song is inspired by a man I met in Guatemala while I was playing there a few years back,” Daniel explains. “I was playing at a bar on Lake Atitlan in a small town called San Marcos La Laguna. While I was playing, a small man with long black hair approached the stage with a bongo drum; he seemed eager to play. I signaled for him to come on-stage and he joined me. We played for hours together only communicating through music and I found it amazing that he was able to adapt to any style he heard while having no context for this western music.”

Daniel tried to communicate with the man in English and Spanish, with no luck. Later, he asked the bartender about the man and found out that the bongo player was from a small village of only a few hundred people who preserve their Ancient Mayan tongue. 

“It was hard to imagine being in a situation when I could only properly communicate with a few hundred people for the rest of my life,” said Daniel. “A few years later I returned to the lake and I was not able to find the man and the bar had closed down, and I did not even know his real name. It was then I came up with the name “Mr. Lipless” and decided to write a song about him.”


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