Les Cooper Brings in the “Noise”

Les Cooper is back with the second single from his upcoming album, Noise, set to be released on May 20th of this year.

The Greater Toronto Area-based producer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter penned “Noise,” the record’s title track, at a time when one of his friends was dealing with mental illness. It features Caroline Marie Brooks from Good Lovelies on vocals.

“This song came out of a feeling of helplessness as I recognized my instinct to shield and protect them but struggled with the reality that that wasn’t my role,” explains Cooper.

The jaunty piece of percussive indie rock/pop features string arrangements which Les wrote, inspired by the sounds of Saturday Night Fever, as the song’s narrator tries to talk someone down from a manic high: 

It feels like the sky might fall down 

Rest your chemical head 

Turn the noise down


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